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Keeping Shameful Secrets Drives Disconection

Many of our clients come to our offices with a long and complex history with pornography.

As time goes on, most of our clients experienced using more pornography than they intended, spending longer periods of time viewing or pursuing porn, and greater consequences each time they were caught – if they were caught.

The shame is compounded and the more they used it, the more worthless they feel. The more they used, the more worthless they felt. Isolation and emotional distance increase, especially right after a binge. Many pornography addicts find themselves less comfortable in close relationships for several reasons. They are keeping secrets. They know that when they are discovered, things will get worse. It’s easier to pretend that things are normal than it is to admit that there is a problem.

Real people don’t compare with the performers in porn. Some people can get to a point where they actually prefer pornography to real person-to-person interaction. When you are in a committed relationship, this is usually a big problem! Some pornography addicts find themselves criticizing their partner’s appearance or performance in the bedroom and can have a hard time feeling content in their relationships.


Moving From Hurt to Healing

You will start learning about the cycles of addiction and the specific ways that pornography addiction affects your brain. We will start to target skills and performables that will quickly start to move you in the direction that you are wanting to go. As you get more stable in sobriety, we will start to peel back the layers of the onion so that you can understand why you have been addicted to pornography. Your life will start to change. You will feel differently about your relationships, your work, and yourself.


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