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Individual Sessions

In Individual sessions, you can engage in one-on-one sessions within a secure and confidential environment. These sessions provide a space for introspection where issues related to relationships, childhood experiences, and feelings of depression or anxiety can be explored. The therapist or Life Coach offers support and guidance as you learn healthier coping strategies and take positive steps toward living a more balanced and fulfilling life. This safe environment allows for the open discussion of challenging topics, such as sexual, emotional, or physical abuse, dysfunctional family dynamics, and deep-seated depression or suicidal feelings, fostering a healing process that breaks the isolation often associated with these issues.


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Couple's Sessions

Embark on a transformative journey with Life Coach/Mentor Jeffrey Francis, who specializes in guiding couples through the challenges of broken relationships influenced by sexual and porn addiction. With compassion and expertise, Jeff helps individuals navigate the healing process, addressing issues of trust, betrayal trauma, and the complexities accompanying broken trust. Through personalized sessions, Jeff empowers couples with essential insights and practical tools, fostering a path toward renewed closeness, understanding, tenderness, and passion. If you're seeking dedicated support to rebuild and strengthen your relationship, Jeffrey Francis offers a safe and transformative space for couples on their journey to healing.


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Men's Group

Pembroke Counseling Services offers an ongoing male sexual addiction recovery group, open to those who are committed to a 12-Step process and other forms of treatment. The group meets bi-weekly and offers the unique support and insight available when sincere individuals get together to share their stories, insights, weaknesses, and strengths. Recovery groups are powerful and will give you a rewarding experience.


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EMDR Sessions

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapy technique designed to work for those with distressing or traumatic memories. Whether your traumatic experience was recent or in the distant past, treatment for trauma can help you heal and move forward in life. The theory behind EMDR is that many psychological difficulties are the result of distressing life experiences leading to memories that are unprocessed or blocked. Any stressful experience that leaves you feeling frightened, isolated, or helpless can be traumatic. If those adjectives describe how you feel, you should seek treatment even if you think your situation “doesn’t count” because it doesn’t involve physical injury. Trauma is about a personal experience of an event or on-going stress. These traumatic memories may need some help to become processed, and EMDR is one way to do this.


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Help for the Helpers

Pastors are people who routinely help carry the burden for others. Who shares the burdens of the pastor? Your supervisor, Bishop, or overseer are great resources. But, what happens when you need to unload your burden and you cannot or should not tell your supervisors? Unbelievably, pastors are human too. They suffer from the same life issues, fears, doubts, and temptations that their members do. However, pastors must keep their witness and modeling face on at all times, so their people won’t falter. This makes it hard for pastors to let others in to help them.

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