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Men's 3-Day Intensive

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Rebuilding the Foundation

This treatment model is unique from others in that a stated goal is to understand the origin of addiction and how the addiction has negatively impacted men. If there is a willingness on your part to give yourself wholeheartedly to the recovery process, we believe that you will live a life filled with hope and sustained freedom.

We offer a very limited number of spaces for these intensives. Our unique Three-Day Men’s Intensive process, will not only give the sexual addict the tools they need to get free from their dysfunctional behaviors but also empower them to achieve their life goals without the shame of addiction. During this intensive men will rebuild hope and restore the foundation of trust and identity.



Our focus in the 3-Day Intensive for Men is on the following:


  • Understanding the origins of your addiction

  • Establishing a foundation for your continued recovery

  • Learning basic tools for remaining free from compulsive behavior

  • Preventing relapse

  • Developing a Personal Recovery Plan


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Next Steps

Once an application is completed we will contact you to set up a teleconference where we will review your application and conduct a screening, taking you step-by-step through the three-day intensive schedule and answer any of your questions. After this screening, we will determine if your application has been accepted to participate in the three-day intensive process.


Ready to Get Started?

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