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3-Day Married Men's or Couples Intensives

Take control. Heal trauma. Rebuild trust. Restore your relationships and your life.

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  • Do you feel trapped, and ashamed, by unhealthy sexual behavior?

  • Has your addiction damaged your relationship and destroyed your partner’s trust?

  • Is your sexual compulsion putting your career, friendships, or finances at risk?

  • Do you use sex as a way to cope with stress and tough situations?

  • Have you tried to stop, only to slip into destructive habits over and over? 

  • Is your behavior out of line with who you truly want to be - as a man, and as a husband?

Are you ready to heal from sexual addiction and 
reclaim your life? 


If you Answered Yes to Any of these Questions...


You’re not alone. There is hope.
And it’s time to take action.

Together, we can spark real, lasting change in just 3 transformational days.

Let us help you heal and move forward.

Why a Three-Day Married Men's or Couples Intensive with 
Pembroke Counseling Services?

Pembrokes’ Three-Day Intensive frees individuals from the ravages of sexual addiction - even when nothing else has worked.

Here's why our approach has led to breakthroughs for so many people

Designed By Experts

The Three-Day Intensive applies a groundbreaking approach and proven treatment model that has saved hundreds relationships from the devastation of sex addiction. 

Fast Results

 It’s the equivalent of 6 months of therapy in just 3 days! Through deeply focused individual sessions, we’ll begin the healing process, restore trust in your relationships, and give you the tools to beat addiction and move forward as an individual and in your relationships.

Couple Powered - Limited Acceptance

Our groundbreaking therapy focuses on both partners as equal agents of change and healing. We’ll empower each of you to mend your own wounds, play an active role in each other’s recovery, and rebuild your relationship as a team.

Tailored To You

Unlike one-size-fits-all or group therapy models, our Intensive is built around YOU: your unique needs, challenges, and goals. We’ll tailor your Personal Recovery Plan to fit you perfectly as an individual, and to optimize your results.

Uncover Roots of Addiction

Tackling the deep, unresolved issues at the heart of addiction is the key to lasting recovery. We’ll identify these issues and the unhealthy thought patterns that go along with them - replacing them with healthy, constructive thought patterns. 

Tools for Enduring Change

Your recovery doesn’t end after our 3 days together. We’ll develop the tools and strategies you need to sustain long-term change, tackle challenges along the way, and build a stronger, closer relationship - for good. 

Your Guide in Recovery

Life Coach Dr. Jeffrey Francis DMin, MA, will lead you through your transformational three-day intensive. 


Jeffrey has dedicated his career to helping couples, heal from the destructive effects of sex addiction and regain control over their lives and relationships.

Meet Jeffrey and learn more about his groundbreaking approach to helping individuals heal in the video below:

Dr Jeffrey Francis portrait

Ready for Life-Changing Results?

Happy Man

For the Addict

  • Pinpoint and repair the deep-seated sources of your addiction

  • Re-establish sexuality as a healthy, vital part of your life, instead of a source of pain and shame

  • Develop healthy tools to tackle your triggers and protect you from relapse

  • Renew your self-esteem and integrity

Calm Woman

For the Partner

  • Heal the hurt, trauma, and betrayal that addiction has caused you and your family

  • Help define and communicate healthy boundaries

  • Give you the tools to support your partner through the recovery process

  • Teach your partner how to actively support you through your own recovery

Holding Hands

For the Couple - Limited Acceptance

  • Lay the foundation of renewed trust

  • Renew intimacy and healthy sexuality as a cornerstone of your relationship

  • Integrate recovery routines into your day-to-day life

  • Build a roadmap for lifelong change 

You don’t have to stay stuck. Reach out today to learn how you can finally move forward!

Is the Couples or Men's Three-Day Intensive Right For You?

Where does the Three-Day Intensive take place? 
The Intensive takes place at the Pembroke Counseling Services in beautiful Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Is the Three-Day Intensive expensive?
Compared to many therapy options, the Three-Day Intensive is very cost-effective. The Intensive is equivalent to 6 months of therapy, which would cost tens of thousands of dollars. Inpatient therapy, which focuses only on the addict, not the couple as a whole, can cost upwards of $20,000. As our client, you’ll get real, lasting results in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost. 

Do you have remote therapy options?
At this time, we do not offer remote therapy options. We firmly believe that in-person therapy is the best, most effective option to work through your addiction as a couple. 

You both CAN Come Out of Addiction 
Stronger and Closer than Ever


  • Finally being free from the chains of addiction.

  • Being proud of who you are, rather than hiding a part of yourself from the world.

  • Sex as a source of pleasure and intimacy, not shame and heartbreak.

  • No more sleepless nights worrying about losing your relationship, your career, and everything that you care about.

  • Tackling life’s problems with confidence instead of resorting to self-sabotage.

  • Using your time and energy to build the life of your dreams, instead of throwing them away on unhealthy, destructive behaviors.

This can be your future - even if you think you’re beyond help. 

Like the hundreds of couples and individuals who’ve already worked with Jeffrey:

"As a partner of a sex addict going into recovery, it was extremely helpful to have some really concrete counseling and tools. The intensive was, as its title says- intense. We left the intensive with a lot of strategies and, equally important – hope. Jeff Francis is wonderful to work with. He’s obviously brilliant, compassionate, very calm, and meticulous. I would highly recommend this 3-day intensive to other couples needing help.”

- J.A.

Couple Hugging

“The program truly stood by its name, it was intense. I like the fact that the polygraph was incorporated in the treatment. As a wife, I was able to walk away reassured that there are no more secrets.”


Are You Both Ready?

Reach out today, complete the confidential online application and connect with Jeffrey right away.

Please complete our private and secure online application. After Dr. Jeff reviews your information, we’ll reach out to arrange your call. During your free confidential consultation, Jeff will take you step-by-step through our approach and the Three-Day Intensive schedule. He will also answer all of your questions.

Breaking free from addiction and unhealthy sexual behavior is possible - if you have the will to change and the strength to take action!

Break the cycle. 

Put the heartbreak and shame of sexual addiction behind you.

It’s time to start healing now.

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