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Men's 1-Day Intensive

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Restoring a man struggling
from a recent relapse

During this intensive, there is a specific focus on restoring a man who has some sobriety but finds himself struggling from a recent relapse. This intensive is focused on rebuilding the foundations of a sexual addict’s recovery plan and regaining long-term sobriety.

Our unique One-Day Men’s Intensive process will not only give the sexual addict the tools they need to get free from their dysfunctional behaviors but also empowers them to achieve their life goals without the shame of addiction. During these intensives, men will rebuild hope and restore the foundation of trust in their relationships as well as recreate a positive self-identity.

Our Focus

The focus of the Sexual Addiction Recovery Intensive for Men is to provide a foundation of proven recovery tools, positive beliefs, and healthy relationships rocked by sex addiction by accomplishing the following:

  • Learning from relapse (Postmortem of relapse)

  • Preventing relapse

  • Developing a Personal Recovery Plan


Desert Road

Next Steps

One-day Intensive will not require an application, but just a phone call. Please give us a call at (757) 405-7560

Ready to Get Started?

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